Current technology advancements have made automated shades and drapery nearly noiseless, fast and really beautiful. The magic thing about automated shades and drapery is that it can be installed also without any wires, and be fully battery operated, thus saving you costs of opening the walls again and running wires if you are doing a retrofit. Automated shades are perfect for residential or commercial spaces, maximizing the use of the natural light is not only aesthetically pleasing and practical, but is also encouraged by new energy regulations and building codes. Utilizing the daylight most of the times, gives us opportunity to save energy and use the natural light. Today Lutron’s automated shades/drapery use astronomical clocks, so, without you touching and button and worrying about setting up the shade levels, the system recognizes the position of the sun and the amount of daylight that’s coming in and adjusts the shade levels accordingly to maximize the energy savings. You can control motorized shades/drapery not only with a local remote, setting the right ambience for your meeting or for personal gatherings but, also from everywhere in the world through apps, installed on your phones, tablets and PCs.