“The Ultimate in Comfort”

Get into a CinemaTech chair and feel like you have slid into the cockpit of a European luxury sports car. Contoured to hug your body, CinemaTech transforms your theatre into a speedway of comfort. Experience fully reclined comfort coupled with superb styling in seats that fit every décor scheme. With options that include decorative matched piping and oversized high backs.

Home theatre is all about being immersed into the movie action. A proper setting of the movie image and sound is essential for an enjoyable home theatre experience. Add the accurate sensation of tactile sound and your home entertainment will take a totally new dimension!

Tactile sound makes for a more complete experience when watching a movie. You are immersed into every movie action, by combining the sense of touch with your sight and hearing. It lets you feel the jolt as the Titanic hits the iceberg, or the ground shaking as the creatures in Jurassic Park walk by.

Airborne vibrations are not the only way sound reaches our ears. Sound energy is also perceived through various pathways within our body:

  • Muscle and deep tissue
  • Sense of touch (skin sensation)
  • Bone conduction – in particular the skull

All these fall within the category of ‘Tactile Sound’. Expressed differently, tactile sound is ‘felt sound’. It is the low frequency feeling one gets when a large magnitude event takes place nearby. Most humans can feel sounds in the range 10Hz to 800Hz.