Kef Speakers

“People who know sound know KEF”

It’s no coincidence that KEF’s KHT systems have been ranked as the No.1 home theatre systems for five years by one of the world’s leading research companies.

KEF is a name that audiophiles trust for its uniquely innovative acoustic engineering heritage; with more than 150 patented technologies and 50 pioneering academic papers to their credit, no other manufacturer can claim as many design ‘firsts’.

With the advent of modern digital formats, this obsession with continuous improvement is what led KEF to be among the earliest to develop high performance integrated surround sound systems to allow people to enjoy the full richness of movies, music and games in their own home – and they have been leading the way ever since.

So it’s no surprise that they have 5-star reviews from all over the world, including the What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision Product of the Year for two years running and the coveted iF Product Design award.

This is because every single KEF innovation delivers real listening benefits. With their signature technology, the Uni-Q® ‘point source’ driver array, uses aerospace materials to project a flawless sound image over a much wider area than conventional speakers so that everyone in the room experiences the same realistic 3D effects wherever they sit. Sophisticated tweeters that reproduce the human voice with breathtaking accuracy. Ultra-low distortion motors in enclosures that eliminate internal resonance that might colour the purity of the sound. High order crossovers for seamless transitions. Radical breakthroughs like Acoustic Compliance Enhancement for increasing bass response without compromising accuracy. Advanced wireless technologies that preserve signal integrity without unsightly cables. Versatile easy mounting options for maximum flexibility of positioning, and many more.

With build quality that’s second to none and a range encompassing all budgets and offering logical increases in performance according to room size and personal taste, it adds up to a world-beating choice for anyone who’s serious about the pleasures of sound.