Sim 2 Projectors

“SIM2 Projectors understand the meaning of luxury, quality, and performance”

SIM2 has been involved in the making of high definition projectors since the introduction of the original analogue HDMAC format called EUREKA 95 in 1990. The latest HDTV format 1080p is available from a variety of sources and offers the highest quality picture resolution, but also places great demands on a display device to reproduce this extraordinary picture resolution as accurately as possible.

Three-chip DLP projectors, while expensive to make – especially in a Full HD configuration – deliver all the traditional strengths of DLP technology, including fast response times, deeper black levels and richer color palettes, without any of the usual weaknesses.

Although high-end projectors naturally ship with their colors pre-calibrated to be as accurate as possible, the actual final tone of the colors you see at home is affected by the environment you’re using your projector in. Factors like the type of screen fabric you’ve got and the amount and type of reflections cast around your room when the projector is working can have a really quite profound impact on the final color tones you see.

As a result, the only way to ensure that you ultimately get accurate color tones from even the most expensive projector is to arrange for Remote My Home to tweak the settings via a color management system once the projector is installed in its final position in your home. Sim2 give attention to detail that is almost obsessive compulsive in its precision, in fact – in a high-end home cinema context, that’s about as high a compliment as anyone can pay!

Sim2 enables the reproduction of HD details with outstanding accuracy and not a trace of video noise. Add this almost celluloid-like sharpness to their other talents, and you’ve got yourself a picture so cinematic and engrossing that we honestly believe you’ll never feel the need to actually go out to see a film again.