Tandberg Cisco TelePresence & Video Telephony

“Collaboration Without Boundaries”

In today’s intricately networked and globalized economy, efficient and meaningful collaboration among colleagues, customers, partners, and suppliers is a business imperative.

You need to stay nimble and flexible to maintain market share, navigate difficult business conditions, and explore new opportunities as they arise. You will need to bring people and information together to reduce decision times and accelerate innovation.

You will need to do all this across organizational areas, supply chains, and geographic regions.

Better collaboration means faster decision making and time to market, improved customer intimacy, and richer cross-cultural communications – all possible through the in-person experience of Tandberg Cisco TelePresence.

Tandberg Cisco TelePresence powers the new way of working, where everyone, everywhere can be more productive through face-to-face collaboration. Remote My Home will help you to discover the full range of Tandberg Cisco TelePresence solutions for work, in class, on the road, in your community, and at home – from immersive, dedicated or multipurpose rooms to flexible personal systems.

As a part of the Tandberg Cisco Collaboration portfolio, TelePresence connects co-workers and extends collaboration to partners and suppliers. Remote My Home meets the needs of teams and individuals and it offers applications specific to each business; it is even accessible through public facilities.

Tandberg Cisco TelePresence not only brings users together, it also bridges the gap among multiple communication platforms. Users can blend a TelePresence call with a standards-based session into a Tandberg Cisco TelePresence environment transparently – without the involvement of technical support personnel. Co-workers, partners, and suppliers can break free of technology boundaries and collaborate effectively, no matter which tool they are using.