Long gone are the days of the blackboard. Teaching is now about student participation interaction and engagement. Capture your audience. We’ve transformed teaching spaces, lecture theatres, communal areas and meeting rooms into inclusive multi-purpose spaces that enrich the student experience and support active engagement. Outfit any classroom or auditorium with a state-of-the-art integrated system sure to captivate your audience. Designing a smart, secure, solid, reliable integration system requires expert knowledge of how each system communicates with each other, through knowledge of devices and applications and the best approach to achieving the overall objective for the project.

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The importance of modern AV systems in education is crucial. The generation of the future deserve the best tools we have available for learning and improving their skill set. Modernise your classroom, captivate your students, with the help of RMH Group. Whether you’re a primary or high school you would benefit from working with us to transform your classrooms to a futuristic version.

We will discuss in detail what you are looking to achieve whilst working with us, whether it be a state-of-the-art interactive white board, touch tablets for children to interact with the main white board, heating and air conditioning control, lighting, audio. Whatever the application our design team work hard to create flexible, environmentally friendly systems that are easy to manage and use. Helping you to attract and inspire students and your staff alike, through the provision of outstanding facilities for teaching, research and industry collaboration.


Lecture rooms are the beating heart of any university, here at RMH Group we create lecture rooms designed to meet the challenging expectations of modern-day students. Our teams have worked with institutions to refurbish, design, install and maintain lecture rooms and seminar spaces. Our lecture rooms are sophisticated yet, intuitive, constructed to provide a platform for academic staff to inspire and engage students. They enable remote learning and teaching, inviting remote attendees to become active participants, extending their global reach and expanding capacity. With high levels of interactive audience participation, students can participate from their own device, promoting collaborative learning experiences, mirroring the modern way of working.

Our range of audio – visual solutions include projection and video walls for displaying large-scale content, audio systems to enable consistent, clear sound coverage and wireless collaboration and presentation technologies to remove unnecessary cabling. We work closely with your IT and AV staff to establish consistency in the design, control and management of lecture spaces. The creation by our in-house programmers of a common user interface for control, a key element in creating a seamless experience for academic staff.   


Kitchens are often one of the most used rooms in the home, with the help of RMH Group you can enjoy supreme convenience and comfort in this busy, often bustling, central space. You can easily change the ambiance for cooking, cleaning, entertaining, reading or doing homework. All it takes is just a press of a button to get your day started with ease or unwind at the end of a hectic day. Before even getting out of bed in the morning, a bedside touch screen can allow you to control numerous systems in your home so that by the time you make it to your kitchen, everything is ready and waiting just as you like it.

Our premier kitchen audio system and video system installations are also designed to increase enjoyment of your kitchen, as well as other areas in your home. The lights can be turned on, shades pulled to let in the morning sun and temperature set just the way you like it. As you walk into the kitchen, your favourite music can be playing or, if you prefer, the TV can be set to your preferred station. All that’s left for you to do before moving on with your day is to decide what to eat for breakfast!

RMH Group installs home automation systems as well as audio, video and security features designed to enhance the enjoyment, convenience and safety of your home. Whether you appreciate starting your day with ease or look forward to coming home at the end of a busy day to prepare a meal as you unwind with soothing music and the company of loved ones, we can create the ideal entertainment kitchen for you to enjoy.

Access Control

Monitor who enters and leaves your facility, allow staff access codes or specialised keys to gain access under structural hours. If you need to grant access to maintenance or another department you can do so remotely from any location. Check to see alarms have been set and facilities shut down correctly without going from room to room.


Using efficient energy for businesses to reduce electricity use and enrich the quality of life. In doing so, we are helping to secure our energy future and preserve the environment.



CCTV systems comprising discrete external and internal cameras and a DVR, or hard drive recording system, will provide round the clock monitoring of your educational facility. Simple to use systems which allow you to view and speak to visitors at the entrance gates and open them at the touch of a button. Easily view and manage locks, or grant remote access, receive a notification as soon as something isn’t right, such as a pipi leaking, or a door being left unlocked.