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Partners with Panasonic Professional, Samsung Public Displays, Onelan and all of the best in category brands and products available today.

RMH Group’s display division RMH Displays, specify, design, install, program and maintain your Digital Display Solution. Using structured Cat.x or Fibre Optic cable we can allow the control of 1 or 1,000 screens showing the same, different or combination of content.

For You;

We are Happy to help you make the right decision for your project and in your budget, thus ensuring a long term partnership with the RMH Group of companies.

Are you looking for a single display for your school, college, university or business lobby or entrance, to show customers and staff relevant information for your organisation or maybe you want to show what is on the restaurant menu today. Or you may need multiple screens Advertising Digital Content to the public at a Shopping Mall, Railway or Underground Tube Station, that shows relevant advertising at the right time with no over run, as over runs cost you loss of advertising revenue.

Whether your requirement is for 1 stand alone screen or a network of 1,000 screens RMH Group have the solutions you require, in your budget, delivered on time.

Maybe you are just not sure what is available for your project and at the price that fits your budget, then, call RMH Group’s display division London office today on 020 8515 1666 friendly advice.

The Key to Delivering Your Message Effectively.

Content is the key to making the most of your public display. For those of you that have a CD changer in your car how often do you change the disks? What typically happens is the same music is in the changer and you stop listening to it. The same can happen to Digital Signage Displays, if content is not updated and relevant to today then the viewers stop viewing.


RMH Creative will create and manage content to your requirements, if you do not have the time or the right persons in your organisation to do it. Rates for this service are kept very competitve, thus ensuring the best use of your solution.
For those of you that have the resources to cope with this in-house we offer tailored training packages, enabling total in-house control of your content.

The Purchase Process.

Upon contacting us you will be assigned an experienced senior member of our team who will discuss your requirements in person or if you prefer remotely and assist you in making the right decision for your application. The same person will be your main point of contact throughout the installation, only when you are fully satisfied with your fully functional new solution will you be introduced and handed over to an aftercare manager. The aftercare manager will ensure your continued satisfaction and maintain service to the satisfaction of your solution.

Synopsis of Digital Signage.

Current trends demonstrate that commercial establishments are undergoing a revolution in the way people gather information and interact with one-another. It is clear that many are migrating from traditional print media towards digital formats. This digital migration means that they must communicate with customers and staff in a way that is visual, relevant, time-oriented, location-oriented and now with Smart Digital Signage even sex and age-oriented. Digital signage is the chosen medium that organisations are rapidly embracing to achieve this.

Which brand or combination of brands provides you with the right solution?
RMH Displays will answer all of your questions objectively and knowledgably, we build positive long term relationships with all clients as we understand that as you put your trust in our advice, our advice must be perfectly matched to your requirements.

Digital Signage can be a single public display or a network of multiple displays working collectively or individually. Digital signage can be thought of as a notice board that shows various information, compiled on the display, these can be motion pictures, stock information, company information, customer information, etc. importantly the displays can change what they show over time, requiring no human intervention, once set.
Whether used in a network environment or as a single public display, our stylish screens are characterised by low total cost of ownership and designed for optimal image reproduction in a broad range of public areas. Touch screen, IP rated and vandal resistant external housings options can be ordered for most of our displays. An example of where this may be used would be in giving directions and shop information to shoppers in a mall or showing students to their classes in a college.

RMH Displays are here to help you through the various technologies and systems that are sold by the likes of Panasonic and Samsung. The information shown on your displays can be sent via a Fibre Optic, Cat6 or Cat5 Network, allowing control from any remote location of your choice. Content can easily be managed in your organisation or for more elaborate and truly professional presentations we offer you custom tailored content packages.

For further information call our London office now on 020 8515 1666 or email by clicking here