Energy Audits and Management

Renewable Energy, Sustainable Energy, Embodied Energy, Carbon Footprint, Consumption.

Energy Audit are Energy Buzz Words of Today

You do not need to be an Eco Warrior to realise we are consuming far to much of the Earth’s natural resources.

Eco Efficiency systems that prevent waste of energy and promote efficiency in connected systems are a great way of helping to overcome this problem. Energy prices have risen dramatically in recent times and the remaining global resources are becoming increasingly scarce.

Did you know that wasted energy can account for over 60% of total consumption.

Where and how do you cut down your Energy Consumption?
Reduced use of the air conditioning in your office building.
Lower the temperature of water in your swimming pool.
Move to a smaller office and home.

All are options that you would probably want to avoid as the eco gain will be an unacceptable trade-off against the loss in your quality of life.

Be Eco Friendly and Improve Your Quality of Life.

Intelligent Control Solutions by Crestron and Lutron that control consumption and dramatically reduce wastage.
High efficiency appliances and devices.
Solar Energy systems for the production of electricity and heat.
Geothermal pumps for heating and cooling the building and water.
LED light fittings that are dimmable and due to very long service life reduces your disposal output.

The great benefit of the above solutions is that although they will have associated upfront costs, in most cases this will be more than offset by government subsidies and a quick return on investment through usage.

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Energy Audits for Business & Residential.

Your energy audit will show you exactly where you can lower your electricity usage.
You might learn that you can easily save money by replacing old appliances with newer ones offering greater energy efficiency that would quickly pay for themselves, or by moving to an electricity supplier that uses renewable sources, as many do these days. With new Government incentives the self generation of power has now become economically viable and is a great way of reducing your Carbon Footprint.

The results will make you consider just how much energy you consume without thinking, which can mean, in turn that you use less, and become more focused on energy efficiency in your life.
If you’re serious about lowering your carbon footprint, an energy audit is a great way to begin.

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Embodied or Embedded Energy.

Often an area overlooked but of great concern to our carbon footprint. Embodied energy is an accounting methodology which aims to find the sum total of the energy necessary for an entire product lifecycle. This lifecycle includes raw material extraction, transport, manufacture, assembly, installation, disassembly, deconstruction and/or decomposition.
For instance when you buy a box of Strawberries, they have embodied energy, not from photosynthesis in growing. In the transportation from seed to farm to cultivation to preparation to delivery and the packaging and its recycled content and ability to be once again recycled.
The same applies to virtually everything we buy and consume today even a Crestron Series3 Processor or a Lutron Homeworks Cable.

So how do you know what is the embedded energy of products. A lot rest with the supply chain, we have the information to help you to make the right decision for your project.

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