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No Network = No Work
BICSI & RCDD, DATA Cabling,Cat5, Cat6, Fibre Optic, AV Cabling of Fiber Splice, Crestron Digital Media, Splicing & Fusion

Get the Right Network Installed by Qualified Engineers. Don’t end up tapping your fingers, watching a blank screen.

Correctly designed and installed structured cabling is critical for good quality and reliable trasfer of information around your building. Whether you are connecting Audio, Video, Data or Telecommunications equipment. They all require increasingly greater capacity and speed, with ever increasing demands of your quipment.

The best way to future proof the needs of your building is to install a Fibre Cable Structured DATA Network. FIbre Optic Networks are also the most secure Network, as it is virtually Impossible to easily Hack into a Fibre Cabled Network.

Structured cabling systems are critical to successful information and telecommunications strategies. RMH Group can create RCDD certified designs and certify your installation by our BICSI qualified installation engineers.

If you’re planning on building or refurbishing a property in the foreseen future, you should know that by building certain technologies into the structure, you can add their costs into your mortgage.

The Network’s Cabling is commonly installed during the construction of your home or office. This will provide the connections between devices and equipment which could include, telephone lines, high-speed data, Tele Presence & Tele Conferencing, Cable TV, HD CCTV security cameras, Satellite TV and security systems. At RMH Group we use both Copper and Fibre Optic cables to easily cope with the ever increasing data demands of a modern luxury office and home.

Our system is modular, so it can accommodate additions and changes with minimum investment. When a Structured Wiring System is installed, the result is a office or home that is equipped for the conveniences of the information age and ready for the future.

This means that it is “Technology ready.” And that means enhanced lease or resale value.

As the cable infrastructure is permanent relative to other components of the Home Automation and Entertainment system. It is crucial that indoor and outdoor cable design and implementation meet all your current needs and should have sufficient redundancy to accommodate foreseen and unforeseen future requirements. The cable runs should be able to survive physical damage or failures.

RMH Group can provide experienced, BICSI certified engineers and RCDD (Registered Communication Distribution Designer) qualified designers to deliver a wiring management solution that meet your needs today, tomorrow and will stand the test of time.

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