Structured Cable Networks

“What is a structured wiring & cabling system?”

A structured wiring system has various cables installed using a star topology – each cable runs from the central patch panel to a specific outlet in a specific room. Some cables are run through the ceiling voids to allow speakers to be installed at a later date. Cables can include coax (for TV/satellite), Cat5e, Cat6, Cat 7, OM3 Fibre Optic (data/phone/balanced audio) and speaker cable.

The key benefits are:

• Watch and control Sky, Virgin, and Kaleidescape media server from any room
• Use the internet in any room without relying on Wi-Fi
• Install a number of systems at a later date without cosmetic damage to the house
- Multi room audio o Additional phone lines o Hi-definition video
- Cinema or Conference room
• Easy maintenance – you know where the start and end of each cable is – no hidden junction boxes
• Flexibility – see table below

Whether you are refurbishing a property or building a new property, it is the best and most cost effective time to install a structured wiring system.

The flexibility of a structured wiring system

A structured wiring system can provide the solution to a number of different scenarios



The room layout is not as the builder envisaged so the phone point is not in the best place. If there is a data point in a better location, this may be used instead. All that is required is to re-patch the socket at the patch panel and use an adaptor
The Wi-Fi is unreliable. The structured wiring system provides an e Ethernet data point in each room from which the internet and shared printers can be accessed. Ethernet data point in each room from which the internet and shared printers can be accessed.
There is a hi-fi in one area and it needs to be listened to in another area. Various solutions are available that allow audio to be sent from one room to another over the structured wiring system.
Hi-Def Video is required at all screens. Devices are available that allow hi-def video to be sent over the structured wiring system.
Centrally stored music that can be acesses and listened to in any area, Various systems are available that utilise the structured wiring system:
• Equipment can be located centrally or distributed around the house
• Speakers can be hidden in the ceiling
• You can listen to different sources in different rooms
• Music can be stored on a central server and accessed on demand
The need for discrete CCTV CCTV cameras can be connected to the system and viewed on any connected TV

The examples above are for illustration only and the range of possibilities depends on the exact system installed. Having said that, it is possible to install a relatively inexpensive system that supports all of the above solutions.