Telephone Systems

“Keeping you talking”

Whether you are looking for an entry level Panasonic system, or if you want the latest and best Cisco system featuring voice over IP, computer telephony integration, etc.

Remote my Home have a telephone system to suit your needs, offering:

• Reliable, cost effective solution
• Future proofed for technological advances such as VoIP
• Easy to use/understand
• Standard PBX features, such as hold/transfer/pick up/voicemail/intrude/auto-attendant

Once the basics are met, we can then go into more bespoke applications and features.

Hardware aside, there is also another major factor when buying a phone system the company that designs the solution, configures the software, and commissions the system.

All phone hardware comes off the shelf exactly the same. When we supply a system, we take a lot of time to make sure it works not only from day one, but also as your requirements change throughout the life of the system.