Lighting Control & Eco Lighting

Lutron HomeWorks and Crestron Greenlight,

A well-designed lighting automation system will save you money, reduce your Carbon footprint and most of all enhance the way you will live in your office and home.

Enhance the way you will work in your office and live in your home.

Recall a scene at the touch of a pre-set;
Light intensities that can alter by individual fittings, with the use of the room or area.
Colours that alter to set the mood for the way you want to relax or work.
Create pathways of light to get from one area to the other.
Create pools of light in your garden that subtly dims in time with the end of your party.
Holiday mode pre-set, that memorise the way you have lived in your home and when you are away replays by switching the lights and shades as if you were there.
Custom engraved and colour matched wall switches and colour touch screens.

Imagine pressing a button labelled “Good Night” all of the interior lights turn off, the exterior security lights turn on, the security system arms, the audio system turns off and the garage doors close (if they were left open). You no longer have to imagine, when you install our solutions this will be the least it can do.

Our system designers will design your lighting automation system that will put you in easy control of every light in your home. Working with our, or your, lighting designer will ensure you achieve the wow factor whilst significantly reducing the impact on our global ecology.

For further savings we can even integrate pretty much everything that is electrical or mechanical. This could include the audio & video distribution, data, telephony, heating, air-conditioning, CCTV, pool, security, etc.

Commercial Building, Whole House or Single Room,

RMH Group gives you the freedom to personalize your light in any space and alter the way in which you use it.
Seamlessly integration of artificial electric light and daylight with the addition of shading solutions. Quality Lighting Control Solutions will significantly reduce your Carbon Footprint by reducing your electricity consumption through much greater efficiency. Typically your total investment in the control solution is paid back within three to four and a half years, dependant on fittings and usage. During which time you will significantly reduce your consumption of the finite global energy resources that remain.

In addition to the comprehensive and flexible lighting design services that Remote my Home offers, we are also able to provide specific advice on:
• Ensuring that your new build or major refurbishments lighting conforms to current Building Regulations.
• Reducing the running costs and energy consumption of your lighting.
• Choosing the most appropriate light fittings.
• Designing lighting schemes and programming of scenes.
• Taking over the maintenance and programming of your existing lighting solution.

These are some of the many ways our lighting automation system can simplify and manage the lights and electronics you use everyday.

A good lighting design includes good controls that are easy to use and blend with the look and feel of the property. Let us take care of it for you and you can be assured of great results.

The goal of an effective control system is in supporting the lighting application goals, which often translates to eliminating energy waste while providing a productive visual environment.

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