Indoor Lighting – Concider the essentials…

Every home has indoor lighting but not all homes take advantage of the creative designs and wide array of styles available. In order to achieve a well lit, yet comfortable room both ceiling lighting and accent or ambience lighting is needed. Every room has different lighting needs which are determined by the room type, size and layout. Evaluate your room carefully before choosing your lighting, consider the space itself, what types of activities will take place in the room and what style you would like to achieve.

Ceiling or overhead lighting is a great way to set a mood, create an atmosphere and make a statement. Any and every room in the home should have some type of ceiling lighting, as the room’s primary source of light. Illuminating from the ceiling provides the best overall lighting, making cleaning more efficient as well as making general tasks easier and safer. Available in hanging, recessed or flush mounted, this lighting comes in any style imaginable to suit any room and any design motif. Consider a multi-light pendant over a large island in the kitchen or a bold chandelier to welcome guests in the hall. A mid-sized chandelier over the everyday dining table will add interest as well as even, comfortable lighting over the area.

The goal should be fixtures that will fill the majority of the room with comfortable warm light, too little light can be just as uncomfortable as too much light, balance is important.

Next you’ll want to evaluate accent and task lighting. Wall sconces add style and a little drama by highlighting a dimmer area or assist in creating a focal point of a room feature or wall art. Pendants are a stylish addition to many rooms in the home such as a bar area, kitchen or study. Lamps are a great way to add a lot of character and are ideal task lighting fixtures. The styles are endless, from floor lamps, table lamps, swing arm lamps and even beautiful Tiffany styled options. Lamps are a great way to easily add warm inviting light and a great deal of style.

Different situations require different types and amounts of light. For example you want the room brighter while cleaning or reading and maybe a little dimmer while watching TV or having a conversation with friends. Some rooms require specific lighting needs for safety, such as the bathroom for shaving and the kitchen for cooking, slicing and dicing. Need some help finding the perfect ceiling fixture for your needs? Give one of our friendly product experts a call today!