Remote My Home offer three main classes of CCTV Installation:

  • Entry Level
  • Professional
  • Advanced Technologies

Entry Level

We will quote for more affordable CCTV Equipment in the entry level of the professional range. The installed Surveillance Systems generally consist of DVD Quality Digital Video Recorders that can hold 31 days of video footage without the need of changing any tapes. All Security Cameras in this class work at High Resolution with a minimum of 520 TVL (Tele Vision Lines) Colour and generally incorporate Night Vision technologies when mounted externally.


Similar to Entry Level description above, but all CCTV Cameras and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) are the absolute State-Of-the-Art. Choose this class in order to receive a quotation based on more options for quality video transmission, data storage, mounting options and security features.

In this slightly wider budget-range we also offer IP CCTV System Installation, which is a reasonable step for holders of premises that have existing LAN Computer Networks in place. Our preferred range of IP Security Cameras offers Bandwidth Saving Functionality, which allows the use of our clients existing Networks in most cases. Where a Local Area Network’s bandwidth is taken up, then the installation of a separate Network for CCTV becomes inevitable. We have a range of technologies available that can achieve this, even when special conditions prohibit wiring projects.

One further technology that becomes available in this class is: IP Mega Pixel CCTV. The Video Image Resolution can be DVD Quality multiplied by four. In some applications this significantly reduces the amount of cameras needed and thereby allows for savings in installation and material cost.

Advanced Technologies

Our Advanced range covers all CCTV Applications that require increased options like:

  • Maximum Performance on all Levels
  • High Definition Megapixel Video
  • Advanced System Integration Functionality
  • Extreme Reliability
  • Seamless Future Expansion Capability
  • Swift Remote Assistance

The State-Of-The-Art IP CCTV Range that we can provide in this category allows us to satisfy any difficult requirement. CCTV Systems will be designed and installed with focus on performance. The IP Camera Range used here is capable of 3 Mega Pixel High Definition Imaging and Video Streaming, which is 30 times higher than the resolution of over 95 percent of installed CCTV Cameras currently used in the UK.

No short-cuts or compromises due to budget limitations are applied in the process of planning your Advanced Security Surveillance System. This is where we can apply all our experience and provide the most suitable solution.

Some Advice

Do not compromise on Quality! The majority of UK wide installed Surveillance Systems do not fulfil technical and legal requirements, to ever produce acceptable court evidence. Even with our Entry Level Surveillance Systems we strongly recommend to keep to the following quick guidelines, in order to prevent your system from merely being an expensive deterrent:

  • CCD Security Cameras should be High Resolution = 520 TVL (Tele Vision Lines) or higher.
  • DVR (Digital Video Recorder) should incorporate Full D1 (around 750 X 520) Recording Resolution DVD Quality.
  • DVR should have sufficient Hard Disk Capacity to hold 28 days of recording at D1 resolution.
  • Have one Varifocal CCTV Camera at entrance or exit, zoomed in on anybody coming in for identification (Not needed with Mega Pixel Cameras)
  • Megapixel IP Cameras are expensive, but can still save you money, in replacing up to six otherwise needed analogue cameras to cover the same area.
  • Where CCTV Operation Warning Signs are used, they have to very specifically declare the purpose of recording.