Fibre Optic Cable Installations

BICSI Accredited Engineers

Our highly trained and experienced fibre optic engineers are BICSI accredited and capable of onsite splicing and Fluke calibrated testing with the latest equipment.

RMH Groups’ DATA division, RMH Data Cabling, are accustomed to designing and installing a wide array of fibre optic requirements. From simple fibre optic backbones to link your remote cabinets to intricate full fibre networks. Creating ultra fast network connections direct to all connected devices.
All elements of your structured cabling solution can be designed and installed to the current ratified versions of the recognised international standards and local country codes.

The primary standards RMH Structures Cabling references are:
• BS EN 50173
• BS EN 50174

Your fibre optic cables can be run from building to building, via ducting systems, under raised floors, across suspended ceilings, and even high level building to building links. Fibre optic connectors and patch panels include:
• SC
• ST
• FC
• LC

Structured cabling is defined as building or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardised smaller elements (hence structured) called subsystems.

Structured cabling falls into the following six sub-systems:

• Entrance facilities, where the building interfaces with the outside world.
• Equipment rooms host equipment which serves the users inside the building.
• Telecommunications rooms are where various telecommunications and data equipment resides, connecting the backbone and horizontal cabling sub-systems.
• Backbone cabling as the name suggests carries the signals between the entrance facilities, equipment rooms and telecommunications rooms.
• Horizontal cabling is the wiring from telecommunications rooms to the individual outlets on the floor.
• Work-Area Components connect end-user equipment to the outlets of the horizontal cabling system.

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