Boardroom Technologies

“Seeing is believing”

Today’s boardrooms are getting more and more immersed in technology, you can acquire a seemingly endless array of devices and equipment in your boardroom.

These will typically include Data Projectors, Interactive Whiteboards, Video Conferencing, Media Walls, Audio Systems, DVD, Video, Screens, Dimming Lights, Automatic Blinds, Document Cameras and the list goes on. The problem here is that you end up with a roomful of switches and cables and an armful of remote controls.

This type of installation often leads to presentations and meetings being interrupted by technical hitches, your presenters and chairmen are put off balance as they end up having to focus on operating all of the equipment which distracts them and participants from the agenda, presentation and discussion.

Now, imagine this; with one touch of a discreet touch screen on the table or lectern in front of you, the lights dim, the blinds close, the projector starts, the screen rolls down and the presentation begins. Touch again and the screen rolls away, your plasma screen lights up and you smoothly roll into a video or DVD. Another touch and the lighting rises, the screen glides away, the blinds open … quietly, smoothly and discreetly. All in a room that whilst bristling with equipment and technology, appears to be clutter and cable free creating a great impression and a calm, productive meeting and training environment.

Imagine the impact that would add to your meetings and presentations. Imagine the impression it will make on the people in the room. Imagine the effortless ease with which users will be able to deliver highly professional presentations, run meetings and deliver trainings sessions.

RMH Group will create an Integrated AV System for your Boardroom for perfect presentations at the Touch of a button. By combining our expert knowledge of all the devices and equipment used in todays boardrooms, with the skills to integrate each item into one simple to operate Crestron control system and the ability to make cables and cords seemingly disappear from view.

Remote My Home stands out in its ability to create that environment for you, often for far less than you may at first imagine.

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