Hotels & Guest Houses

“Invest wisely and Capitalise upon it”

When a new guest first arrives at your hotel after a tiring journey or a heavy meeting, the first thing they probably do when entering their room is turn on the Television. Your guest will expect to receive perfect TV pictures and high quality radio reception.

RMH Commercial offers a broad range of solutions that will greatly enhance your customer’s perception of your hotel as well as bringing in additional revenue.

Interactive chargeable services such as films and music on demand and in room reliable internet access are a must for business customers, yet many hotels still fail to offer these facilities. RMH Commercial can supply and install these systems and in most cases they will also provide an additional revenue stream.

One aspect of your customer’s stay that is often overlooked is the quality of the picture on in room screens. We see many hotels where rooms receive very poor picture quality and have channels missing due to poor cabling and or equipment. By using the good design we can rectify these issues and eradicate complaints to reception.

We can also provide in room audio systems that will allow your guests to plug in and listen to their own Apple device or MP3 player or choose from a number of preset radio stations. This is generally done via in ceiling speakers to further reduce clutter.

Our CAT6 or Fibre Optic TV network solutions offer you a low maintenance solution with maximum future flexibilty on content delivery together with High Definition (HD) pictures and multi channel audio to all rooms.

Hoteliers often request our ‘Hotel Information’ option which can greet your customers upon switching on the TV and show information including the hotels in house facilities, phone list directory, TV channel list, other local facilities, photographs of the Pool, Gym and Restaurant together with the Menu specials for the day etc. Our screens incorporate ‘hotel mode’ for menu disablement to stop guests from altering the settings on the screen.

RMH Group will help you make the most of generating income from your Audio Visual investment by designing a solution that is right for the guests.

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