Houses of Worship AV & Lighting Control

“Spread the word of God to Enlighten your Flock”

RMH Houses of Worship provides your place of worship with many Audio and Video services that fill the needs of the local community. Services offered include: New Building AV Consulting, System training, System Design, Installation, maintenance and Operation.
New Technology is not always the answer. Sometimes a simple change in the existing systems or in the operation can make the biggest difference.

With our years of dedicated audio & video service to our own churches we have the goal of sharing our knowledge.
System reviews are FREE! Call today to schedule an appointment to have your FREE system review. A system review can often point out areas of improvement you may be able to do yourself.

If you find it difficult to operate you exiting AV equipment, a new training program may very well be the answer. Training new people helps by giving your main staff a break and slowing down the possibility of burn out. Training on a bimonthly to a yearly basis can also help foster the fellowship that brings a team together and helps them overcome new challenges. Most companies only train on systems they install and only in the first month. We train on all systems. A free system review is required at least two week before any training sessions are scheduled.

New Building Consultation
If your church is planning a building project, the AV systems are usually left for the last step. This is poor planning, which can lead to additional cost and functionality that is not wired for. We sit down with you months ahead to design the system and plan out requirements that need to be put in place during the construction. We work with your architect to make sure you have plenty of room for growth and making any audio and video system become a discrete part of the facility not an obvious eye sore to the beautiful design of the Church.

If you are already in a building or plans are already in place we will work to design a system that requires the least amount of change.
Systems are designed with the idea of simplicity.
Keep it simple and you keep it easy. We balance keeping the system flexible and able to grow with your needs to the ease of use that your volunteers may require.

We maintain reasonable rates so as not to break the bank on simple installations. We offer additional discounts to additions to your systems. If we install the main system and then you decided to add a new screen or camera or hanging microphone, we will discount our labour by 20%. The idea is that cost overruns should not stop you from doing what is required for you to make the system the best it can be.

Regular system cleaning can extend the life of your system. Sometimes it is as simple as one appointment and we can train your volunteers to perform the necessary cleaning and basic repairs. If not we can set up a service contract to come out and regularly perform the needed checkups. Basic service contracts start at £50 a month for standard cleaning, cable checks, and safety inspections.

One very large need we have discovered is sometimes you just need an extra hand. If your staff or volunteers need a Holiday it is no reason for your service quality to be sacrificed. We will come out to check the system and learn how you normally run your service and then will be available to operate your systems for the service. Times are booked in advanced and are very limited so plan ahead for those Summer Holidays.

Video Production
Do you have a special event or fundraiser coming up? We can create a Video announcement and or a DVD that people can take home to learn about your growing ministry. What about a special anniversary celebration Video? Time is always important for these projects the more time and planning that is allowed the more professional the outcome.

FREE System Review
A System Review will look over your entire Audio and Video system. We will check any documentation to see that it is up to date and accessible. We also review routine maintenance that can be done to extend the life of your AV System. We look for some normal user error settings and show you how to correct them. Some of these errors affect your system and its overall quality. Most systems have been designed for your space and re-patching or bypassing installed components often cause greater problems than the ones someone was trying to solve in the first place. We also look at the larger picture of; does your system fit your ministry? Sometimes a simple adjustment is the solution and no costly changes is all that is needed. Again the System Review is FREE!

For further information call our London office now on 020 8515 1666 or email by clicking here