Marine AV

Creating Great Waves

The objective of a marine audio system should not only be to create a great entertainment experience, but also be able withstand the elements.

RMH Groups installation and consultancy services offer you an array of bespoke and future-proof technology solutions.
Ease of use is the key to enjoyment and use of your entertainment and automation systems, so whether your vessel is solely for your use or it is used by various parties that change on a weekly basis, RMH Marine will create a solution that is easy to use and right for you.

RMH Marine is the marine installation division of the highly accomplished RMH Group.
At the heart of your solution will be our Central Control System Processors, programmed to your exacting need and serviced by ourselves. Ensuring effortless operation and reliably without fault.
Our bullet proof approach facilitates fully tested and debugged systems that ensure no backdoor or errors to interfere with your operational stability.

• Multi-zone Audio & Video systems
• Audio & Video central servers providing entertainment on-demand throughout the vessel
• Internet access
• Air Conditioning
• Lighting control and automation
• CCTV cameras and GPS security

When installing a marine grade audio system, attention to detail is paramount. A professional install is a prerequisite for a larger craft. The mounting of the equipment is often one of the hardest parts of an install in a boat. For example, if you have a high speed or off shore boat, the pounding of waves create a lot of vibrations. Speaker mass is a major consideration, especially with sub woofers which need to have extra support. If this not done properly your boat can start to crack and even break.
Wiring is just as important as the mounting of your equipment. Due to extreme conditions proper marine wiring should always be used. The routing of these wires needs to be done correctly so they don’t short out or start a fire. Remember that the components are only as good as the connections made between them.

Mounting of components requires special attention by working with your Builder/ Marine Architect we will create reinforced mountings to insure safety of all onboard and the equipment.

Remember, planning for a new AV and Integration system is the most important step in getting what you want for your money, so talk with us to help you to understand all of your options before you buy.

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