Our Partners, Who We Work Alongside

RMH Group provides top quality bespoke specialist services in-house, thereby able to offer great value for money and speedy reactions to evolving site requirements.
Our multi-generational family business is built on providing clients with the solutions they desire and are best fit for their lifestyles.
We understand the importance of treating all project stakeholders as part of our family, as by working collectively and cooperatively, the delivered project will shine in the eyes of the client.

Having been in the industry since 1990’s we have built strong direct relationships with all of the leading manufactures, allowing us to be agnostic to brands and able to offer very competitive pricing.

From our consultation meeting we will create a budgetary proposal, showing you an overview of the systems. Once accepted, our in-house designers will work with you and principles of the project delivery teams, to create and hone a design that is perfect for your needs and desires. Once commissioned, the project will be handed to our installation and programming teams to create a solution that is easy and intuitive to use. Once installed, programmed and commissioned, detailed O&M information will be provided. Videos showing step by step operation can also be provided, spoken in all major languages or combination of languages. Maintenance is key to keeping the systems, individually and as a collective, up to date and working effectively. As are future upgrade paths with recycling of retired equipment.

From beginning to end, your consultant will remain your point of contact, assuring you of continuity of service and communications. Whether working with you as business to business or business to customer, we offer full turnkey to a pick and mix of our services.


Interior Designers

  • Hidden curtain tracks and recessed blinds leaving crisp clean window lines.
  • Matching smart wall keypads with power socket and other wall plates.
  • Assuring ceiling layouts are ideal where speakers, lights and other services are not in conflict.
  • Wi-Fi access point locations maximizing coverage whilst located discrete or invisibly.
  • Minimising wasted space for comms and other integrated services.
  • Assisting with building regulations compliance.
  • Minimising cable lengths and runs through the use of integrated and distributed systems.
  • Placement and control type assistance to ensure the best user experience in simplified controls.

Electrical Contractors

From beginning to long after a finalized project we are here to assist with design, supply, installation and commissioning. As well as;  

  • Drawings
  • Scope of works
  • Cable specification
  • Supply of system parts
  • Installation labour or documentation to allow you to install
  • Client liaison on behalf of yourselves
  • Programming and commissioning of systems
  • Ongoing maintenance

Main Contractors

In addition to all points made under Electrical Contractors;  

  • Qualified personal SMSTS, SSSTS
  • Auditing
  • Quantity surveying
  • Integration and management of other related trades

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